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Monday, May 7, 2007

Digital Salvation

Sitting up in front of the console at the unearthly hour
Fingers fidgeting on the keyboard in anticipation
thoughts running down dreaded dark tunnels
Will she reply back with those
Three little words I so want to read?
Or will she ignore me and message never more?
A cold sweat breaks upon my forehead,
As I see her tab on the taskbar blink
My shivering hand grasps the mouse
The click sounding louder than a nuclear blast
A hot held up breath escapes my sweaty nostrils
As the words i wished for stand boldly printed
‘Yes I do’
This is my digital salvation

Banish Foul Chronos

why be ye ruled by chronos?
that snivelling squealer of old.
with beady eyes set above his craggy nose,
he fumes whilst in peace thee snore.
tis him, that treacherous half-wit,
that every morn tauntest thy sweet mother
to deprive from thee each extra minute,
beyond thy set hours of slumber.
He that gave life to chronos,
what runneth in his mind then?
didst he not halt to ponder,
the curse he wouldst unleash on men?
alas, the simpleton ne'er pondered thus,
his invention hadst shrouded his mind.
gagged his soul from speaking out,
loosening the reins that held the beast inside.
Hence now ye stand at the mercy of chronos,
the fiend that maketh the laws.
When thou shalt rise or thou shalt slumber,
tis his call to decide.
why shoudst we remain in this fashion?
canst we not rebel?
to return to days of the virgin world,
when life was ruled by sun and moon alone.
to whenst no devilish face upon the wall shone
with twelve scars and two revolving limbs.
that from within bellowed the orders of chronos,
scurrying folks on preordined chores.
join me now my fellow men
and let us war against this fiend.
for peace and bliss for us to relish,
dependest on banishing foul chronos.

The Ghost Who Walks

Deep in the heart of Bengala
Where the Bandar pygmies reside
Lies a cave fashioned by Gaya
In the likes of a human skull
In its dark mysterious entrails
Lay treasures hidden from avaricious eyes
And a dark keeper to watch over the earth
Masked and clothed in the colour of night
A broad black belt of leather
Hugs his waist with pride
Held by a buckle of solid metal
Death’s head on it styled
At his hips in menacing holsters
Nestle handguns ready to blaze
His most powerful weapons lay silent
On his fingers on either hand
On his right the ring of Death’s head
To mark villains for eternity
On his left the ring of Swastika
To mark folk under the ghost’s protection
And thus he sits on a throne of stone
His faithful hound Devil by his side
As his keen ears stay receptive
To heed when the helpless cry

Far in the distant jungle tom-toms resound alert
The keeper they call ‘Ghost Who Walks’
Stirs with deadly alert
With a swift stride he mounts Hero his white steed
Beware villains and enemy of men
Here comes ‘The Man Who Cannot Die’
Wrong doers and law breakers everywhere
You can run but you cannot hide
For not only is he lord of the virgin jungles
Through concrete jungles too he rides
Disguised in a dark trench coat
He strolls under the name of Walker
Appearing at the appointed hour
From the shadows to take evil by surprise
He is 400 years old the legend says
And will live forever through time
For as long as evil on earth exists
He will never age or stop doing his bit

Through the hearts of bad men fear though he drives
He is not blind or numb to love
For in a warm corner of his vengeful heart
An angel’s image resides
Diana Palmer his destined bride
And queen to rule by his side

Though by many names he walks the earth
He is known by all folk good or bad
For whenever the delicate balance stirs
The Phantom from the shadows will rise.

To She

I can't be a saint, I wont be a sinner,
I'll only be me, and that's your lover.
You fathom friendship, I deduce deeper,
You claim it's affection, but I am already a weeper.
You had a choice and you chose right.
It's my fault that i face this plight.
You're not to blame, you never did sway,
It's entirely my fault for not keeping it at bay.
Alas! i have said it, and ruined you most.
Cursed neither with friendship nor nuptial toast.
It's only right that you despise my soul,
There is nothing i can now expect in whole.
I am happy for you and what'll become of your life.
I hope you remember me and my meaningless strife.
It's come to this, sad but true.
No more can I be anyone more than a who.
You've gained your desires, your future's bright blue.
For me though, in a different way, it's all blue too.
With what's left of me this love song i write.
Knowing this is the first and last time it'll ever be sung right.

The Song That's All Wrong

Crimson roses on the lawn, your
rubber touch for they long
booger stained naked fingers, cause
morbid fear that shrivel their tender petals
death untimely you curse them with, through
disco memories of last nights bliss, when
roach he did touching you there
white your cheeks turned with baffled stare
red his face grew, his innocence revealed
black your heart felt, not accepting his need
blue his eye turned, you punched him there
heights of wrath were stripped naked and bare
cuts and bruises he carried back
blood on his shirt advertised there unaware
imagine if he hadn’t made his move then
allies you’d have been without a care, but
matches are not made in heaven alone
fire resides above ground, not just below
reject you did, his advances were wrong
silver were his unspoken promises and
gold his unsung song
armor of just, you did wear, when
sleep together he suggested there
eternal your hatred grew towards such thought
sunrise will never gaze upon his plot
dawn on him did reality then, that the night’s
moon would jeer at him ever since then
used he felt for all the years he spent
panic took over and apologies he lent
music grew louder fading his words
light grew dimmer as the party began to disburse
dark the night outside did laugh
chaos broke out in your tender heart
takeout this pain to the skies you yelled
unwritten words marked your spout
law you felt should strongly be held
blink you must not when delivering a spell
guns went off resounding your wrath
roses you tended grew weary at last
avenged you left him wounded and hurt
sometimes it’s just to do as is must
alone now you walked back cursing the fact
die he must you wished for his act
scars that you gave will last him forever
insomniacs watched while you did enact
abandoned by love you behaved then thus
obsession you thought of his warm caress
fall in your sight he did by his act, and
bite like serpent he was ministered at last
anarchy of feelings he had displayed, the
arsonist in you he had awakened
crazy it is now, when you think of it, while
music from your transistor breaks into a yell

thus tending your crimson roses, this morn
you wonder if what you did was wrong


Born in one piece
To be shattered amiss
Again and again
The abuse repeats
One single tube
Of icky stuff
Persistence limited
Till the last sticky glob
Endurance unshaken
To last the night
Bed wet again
Eyes red shot throughout
A well trodden path
A last promise still fresh
But again and again
The path seduces
Back on the track
To be trodden upon again
All that knowledge
All that was learnt
Forgotten in a wink
An inviting smile
A familiar discomfort
Building up warmth
A shorter span than before
Back on the street
Dazed at the result
Unwilling to accept
Shattered again
For the nth time
Pieces now so small
It will take time
There’s still some glue left
Though the tube’s growing thin
This time it will hold
No more straying bold
Another pretty face
Another angelic smile
Back in the queue
Waiting familiar fate
Another fling shorter than last
Broken at the end
Even worse than the last
Shattered again now
Broken several times over
Pieces now too small
But managed to gather
Reached for the tube
The one with the glue
Never realized before
But now know it’s true
A limit is evitable
The end has been reached
No further lay roads
Only barren fields
Took for granted
This heart for too long
Now in shambles
No more glue to fasten


I know you don’t love me
But the smile on your face in the morning
The moan of satisfaction from the first sip of coffee
Your look of concern at the day’s job list
I love it.

I know you don’t love me
But the feverish craving for food
The temperamental outbursts of disappointment
Your unquenchable thirst for success
I love it.

I know you don’t love me
But the uncompromising need for perfection
The agitated demand for respect
Your unnerving effort to belong
I love it

I know you don’t love me
But your simplicity amidst all deceit
The determination to last till the final blow
Your goofiness that weakens tyrants’ knees
I love it

I know you don’t love me
And that knowledge I despise
But what else can I be than a true admirer
An addict to the drug that you provide
I against your will love thee.

I art your sinner

I art Pride
When you walk down the street
Holding my hand,
Leaning your head on my shoulder.

I art Avrice
When you kiss me
I crave for more, kissing harder,
Drawing blood from your lips.

I art Envy
When I see you even smile at another,
I silently curse the fiend,
For robbing from me what is mine alone.

I art Wrath
When you decline to see me
Beacuse you're having a busy day at work
Or because your having guests at home.

I art Lust
When I see that naughty spark in your eye
As you will me into your bedroom
And we make love all night.

I art Gluttony
When we're on the phone
And I cant get enough of your sweet chatter
And coax you to speak more.

I art Sloth
When I wake up in the morning
And find you asleep in my arms,
I could spend years just looking at you.

I art your sinner
And I dont mind burning in hell for it.

Heavenly Sibling

i should have had a sister,
or a brother, now i may never know.
cause mom and dad chose neither,
and simply let go.

i wish i had been older then,
to talk them out of their choice.
but only after i was ten,
this event to me they did voice.

i remember for a fortnight,
i kept asking my mom why?
they derpived me off a playmate,
and my mom would only sigh.

as the years passed on i stopped asking,
about the child that was never born.
instead i started pondering,
whether my sibling now sits on god's throne.

if that is true i am very sure,
that my brother or sister up there.
would know that my love is pure,
and that i with all my heart do care.

be happy my heavenly sibling,
you're in a better place than me.
yes, it's true each other we are missing,
but very soon, you, i will see.

for now my baby sibling,
i know your god's favorite kid.
so could you ask for me, his blessing,
to succeed in doing his bid.


Why in the world can't I ever belong?
Can’t I ever find someone with whom I can get along?
Nobody wants me, heck, nobody cares
Maybe I say things that give them the scares
Or unknown to me, I have some contagious disease
That’s deadly, disfiguring and my life’s on short lease

Whatever it is I may never know
Nobody gives reasons they just want me to go
Can’t you see I am only human like you?
Flesh, blood and bones, and feelings too
I wish I was retarded, so I couldn’t think
Then it won’t hurt so much if you said ‘I stink’
What’s wrong with me? Why is my life so bare?
And why in hell isn’t anyone being fair?
And to top it all up, the dude in the sky
Sits silent listening, never answering my cry.


soiled clouds appear in the highs,
long shadows announce the sun's demise.
an earthen scent of sweet dirt alights,
my nostrils tingle with sudden delight.
the first cluster of tiny droplets
drum the earth with pitters and patters.
then follows a torrent like a mystical sheet,
pounding the earth with thunderous beat.
the sky rips open with day-like light.
a single flash, the world glows bright.
a colossal boom with war-like rage,
rumbles over the world in a violent barrage.
as i gaze at the puddles now gathering
upon the earth, tiny rivers begin running.
carrying away leaf, branch and litter,
cleansing earth's every nook and corner.
coaxed by the rain my mind now traverses,
down the archives in its deep recesses.
just like the flood now parading the streets,
memories of gladness and grief wake and retreat.
happiness and remorse mingle and entwine.
a melancholy mood steps-in to line.
what powerful force indeed is the rain,
such moods it kindles, both of pleasure and pain.

Hypocritic Love

Nobody cares, nobody knows.
What it means to walk in my shoes.
Condemned by love, confined to hate.
Would u last the night, facing my fate?
Nobody loves me, not that I care.
The world has a problem, even with what i wear.
I can't be someone I really am not.
Your expectations are way beyond my thought.
My rules are simple, I live for the day.
So what the heck if you think I am gay?
If you can't understand, you better back off.
Cause you're doing more hurt with your annoying laugh.
I am not your puppet, nor your punching bag,
Just because I am riding on eternal lag.
I dont need you or your witty cracks.
I can live on, even if life colours me in blacks.
So if you dont like me or my way.
Stop pretending and keep me at bay.
Pure hatred I can truly digest.
But hypocritic love, unsung is best.

Monster's Fall

For the sixth time this week
He hangs by his heels at her window
Peeking with bloodshot eyes
At her angelic form in sweet slumber

A soft moan she lets out
As an icy chill sweeps through
She pulls her covers higher
A silky shoulder remains unsheathed

As the moon rides out of the clouds
Her room lights up in grey hues
His eyes unblinking and without emotion
Stay fixed on her, his mind riddling again

She is beautiful, astonishingly so
A passionate entaglement, a quick bite
And forever she'd be his own queen of the night
But yet night after night he has just stared

He has never before felt this way
A woman was always meat to satiate his hunger
A means to subdue his everlasting lust
Yet here's one that has stirred his still cold heart

He ponders for long, never moving a muscle
Only his cloak gently blowing in the chill wind
This would be the last time, to take or to leave
Why shounldnt he damn her to his eternal curse?

She is lively and life is her beauty
She wont hold his fancy as one of them
And the eternal curse of blood lust and gore
Will only make her a heartless whore

As the first signs of dawn appear at the horizon
He makes up his mind and enters her room
With stealthy steps he approches her side
And stares at her godly face glowing in the night

He kneels beside her and brushes her lips with his
A soft thirsty moan escapes her lips
He pulls out a gold necklace and places it on her bed
Stands and takes in his last thirsty stare

She wakes up with a jerk feeling chilled to the bone
Her window stands open, the breeze flutters the curtains
She wonders if it was only a dream
And if her mysterious lover would ever again be seen