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Monday, May 7, 2007

Monster's Fall

For the sixth time this week
He hangs by his heels at her window
Peeking with bloodshot eyes
At her angelic form in sweet slumber

A soft moan she lets out
As an icy chill sweeps through
She pulls her covers higher
A silky shoulder remains unsheathed

As the moon rides out of the clouds
Her room lights up in grey hues
His eyes unblinking and without emotion
Stay fixed on her, his mind riddling again

She is beautiful, astonishingly so
A passionate entaglement, a quick bite
And forever she'd be his own queen of the night
But yet night after night he has just stared

He has never before felt this way
A woman was always meat to satiate his hunger
A means to subdue his everlasting lust
Yet here's one that has stirred his still cold heart

He ponders for long, never moving a muscle
Only his cloak gently blowing in the chill wind
This would be the last time, to take or to leave
Why shounldnt he damn her to his eternal curse?

She is lively and life is her beauty
She wont hold his fancy as one of them
And the eternal curse of blood lust and gore
Will only make her a heartless whore

As the first signs of dawn appear at the horizon
He makes up his mind and enters her room
With stealthy steps he approches her side
And stares at her godly face glowing in the night

He kneels beside her and brushes her lips with his
A soft thirsty moan escapes her lips
He pulls out a gold necklace and places it on her bed
Stands and takes in his last thirsty stare

She wakes up with a jerk feeling chilled to the bone
Her window stands open, the breeze flutters the curtains
She wonders if it was only a dream
And if her mysterious lover would ever again be seen

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