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Monday, May 7, 2007

Digital Salvation

Sitting up in front of the console at the unearthly hour
Fingers fidgeting on the keyboard in anticipation
thoughts running down dreaded dark tunnels
Will she reply back with those
Three little words I so want to read?
Or will she ignore me and message never more?
A cold sweat breaks upon my forehead,
As I see her tab on the taskbar blink
My shivering hand grasps the mouse
The click sounding louder than a nuclear blast
A hot held up breath escapes my sweaty nostrils
As the words i wished for stand boldly printed
‘Yes I do’
This is my digital salvation


Kevin D said...


A quick hello to let you know that Fuelmyblog has had some surgery done and lots of changes have happened.
Your current voting widget is not valid, to fix this all you need to do is login to your account with Fuel and follow the link for widgets. All the widgets displayed on that page have the code matching your blog and are ready to copy and paste.

Happy blogging!

Animated Junk said...

digital salvation..
i know the feelin quite well...been ther seen it...felt it...
nice post