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Monday, May 7, 2007

Heavenly Sibling

i should have had a sister,
or a brother, now i may never know.
cause mom and dad chose neither,
and simply let go.

i wish i had been older then,
to talk them out of their choice.
but only after i was ten,
this event to me they did voice.

i remember for a fortnight,
i kept asking my mom why?
they derpived me off a playmate,
and my mom would only sigh.

as the years passed on i stopped asking,
about the child that was never born.
instead i started pondering,
whether my sibling now sits on god's throne.

if that is true i am very sure,
that my brother or sister up there.
would know that my love is pure,
and that i with all my heart do care.

be happy my heavenly sibling,
you're in a better place than me.
yes, it's true each other we are missing,
but very soon, you, i will see.

for now my baby sibling,
i know your god's favorite kid.
so could you ask for me, his blessing,
to succeed in doing his bid.

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