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Monday, May 7, 2007

Hypocritic Love

Nobody cares, nobody knows.
What it means to walk in my shoes.
Condemned by love, confined to hate.
Would u last the night, facing my fate?
Nobody loves me, not that I care.
The world has a problem, even with what i wear.
I can't be someone I really am not.
Your expectations are way beyond my thought.
My rules are simple, I live for the day.
So what the heck if you think I am gay?
If you can't understand, you better back off.
Cause you're doing more hurt with your annoying laugh.
I am not your puppet, nor your punching bag,
Just because I am riding on eternal lag.
I dont need you or your witty cracks.
I can live on, even if life colours me in blacks.
So if you dont like me or my way.
Stop pretending and keep me at bay.
Pure hatred I can truly digest.
But hypocritic love, unsung is best.

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