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Monday, May 7, 2007


Why in the world can't I ever belong?
Can’t I ever find someone with whom I can get along?
Nobody wants me, heck, nobody cares
Maybe I say things that give them the scares
Or unknown to me, I have some contagious disease
That’s deadly, disfiguring and my life’s on short lease

Whatever it is I may never know
Nobody gives reasons they just want me to go
Can’t you see I am only human like you?
Flesh, blood and bones, and feelings too
I wish I was retarded, so I couldn’t think
Then it won’t hurt so much if you said ‘I stink’
What’s wrong with me? Why is my life so bare?
And why in hell isn’t anyone being fair?
And to top it all up, the dude in the sky
Sits silent listening, never answering my cry.

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