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Monday, May 7, 2007

I art your sinner

I art Pride
When you walk down the street
Holding my hand,
Leaning your head on my shoulder.

I art Avrice
When you kiss me
I crave for more, kissing harder,
Drawing blood from your lips.

I art Envy
When I see you even smile at another,
I silently curse the fiend,
For robbing from me what is mine alone.

I art Wrath
When you decline to see me
Beacuse you're having a busy day at work
Or because your having guests at home.

I art Lust
When I see that naughty spark in your eye
As you will me into your bedroom
And we make love all night.

I art Gluttony
When we're on the phone
And I cant get enough of your sweet chatter
And coax you to speak more.

I art Sloth
When I wake up in the morning
And find you asleep in my arms,
I could spend years just looking at you.

I art your sinner
And I dont mind burning in hell for it.

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