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Monday, May 7, 2007


soiled clouds appear in the highs,
long shadows announce the sun's demise.
an earthen scent of sweet dirt alights,
my nostrils tingle with sudden delight.
the first cluster of tiny droplets
drum the earth with pitters and patters.
then follows a torrent like a mystical sheet,
pounding the earth with thunderous beat.
the sky rips open with day-like light.
a single flash, the world glows bright.
a colossal boom with war-like rage,
rumbles over the world in a violent barrage.
as i gaze at the puddles now gathering
upon the earth, tiny rivers begin running.
carrying away leaf, branch and litter,
cleansing earth's every nook and corner.
coaxed by the rain my mind now traverses,
down the archives in its deep recesses.
just like the flood now parading the streets,
memories of gladness and grief wake and retreat.
happiness and remorse mingle and entwine.
a melancholy mood steps-in to line.
what powerful force indeed is the rain,
such moods it kindles, both of pleasure and pain.

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